English|創造・提案・貢献 出会いを大切にします 日栄薬品興業株式会社




Head office

2-2 Kanda Tsukasa-Machi Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, 101-0048, Japan

Osaka office

2-2-2 Imabashi Chuo-ku, Osaka, 541-0042,Japan


September 7, 1959



Lines of business

Inorganic and organic industrial chemical products, petrochemical products, high-pressure gas, fine chemicals, electronic materials, contract manufacturing of medical and agrichemical intermediates, fertilizer and forage and its ingredients, synthetic resin, as well as molded products, various facilities/equipment, and containers

Main banks

Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ Kanda Ekimae branch
Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation Kanda branch
Mizuho Bank Kanda branch


1.Chemical division

Sulfuric acid, which is our main product, is used in a wide sphere as a basic chemical product. We deliver across the country since we cover the top-class transaction in the chemical industry. We offer profitable information and service, not to mention a stable supply. Taking advantage of our distribution network, we have built the system to correspond to every need of customers.

We also deal with overall chemical products whether as inorganic or organic to meet a wide variety of customers' demands. We mainly deal with soda products, ammonium products, water treat products, fluoride products, metal salts and solvents etc…, especially boric acid and phosphoric acid are both financially and steadily achieved satisfactory results. Also on the environmental side, we have products that matches up with green procurement publicized in recent years.

2.Fine chemical division

In recent years, we have been making rapid progress in the field of fine chemicals business.

First of all, we are laying special emphasis on expansion of contract manufacturing of fine chemicals.

It is our pivotal role in introducing trustworthy manufacturers to customers who are looking for their partners when we are asked to find a solution.

In other words, we are requested by leading pharmaceutical companies to manufacture pharmaceutical intermediates for them and then as a intermediary, we find a reliable manufacturers who should be most appropriate to make such intermediates. In parallel with progress in development stage on pharmaceuticals, our business is growing.

With a request from major chemical companies, we are arranging to manufacture cosmetics.

We are also making efforts to boost businesses not just pharmaceuticals and cosmetics, but electronics and resin monomers.

Our second emphasis is to sell fine chemical products which should be fairly unique.

  • ① Acrylic acid chloride of high purity and Methacrylic acid chloride,
    used for not only semiconductor but many other areas
  • ② Phospholipids of high purity,
    applied for liposome medicine
  • ③ Ionic liquid
    used for electrolyte of rechargeable battery and others
  • ④ Mevalonolactone
    used as raw material for cosmetics and intermediates for food additives
  • ⑤ Aromatic products
    We assure you of being able to contribute to you with our long-standing background of experience in development of new products.

3.Industrial hardware division

We deal with large-scale tanks and bulbs, pumps, stirrer, piping materials attached to tanks. We also deal with flexible container for containing small containers and solid products.

Main products
Plant equipments:PE tank, FRP tank, FRP panel tank, SUS panel tank, Fluorine resin lining tank, stirrer, chemical pump etc…

Distribution materials:plastic container, BIB, chemical drum, PE drum, canister drum etc…
Resin formed products: Custom-order of plastic molding products is available by rotational and blow molding methods.